Reflux Drum
Reflux Drums from Italy

Livorno, October 24, 2022 LIVO LOGISTICS Livorno Team has executed a transportation of four over-sized Reflux Drums and Steam Condensers from inland Italy to Civitavecchia port.

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Out-of-Gauge cargo from Korea to Mexico

Livorno, August 23, 2021 LIVO LOGISTICS China a Mexico teams were working over the summer on multiple ocean shipments from Korea to Mexico. Out-of-Gauge cargo moved by several flat rack and standard containers…

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115-ton Transformer from Italy to Spain

Livorno, June 7, 2021 LIVO LOGISTICS Livorno successfully completed a complex multimodal transportation of an over-sized 115-ton transformer from Northern Italy, by a RoRo service from the port of Genoa to the port…

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